1. All digital products are scrap-for-hire friendly (with the exception of printable products) and may be used to create scrapbooking pages for customers, family and friends, as long as the finished product is delivered as a flattened product, either printed or in a flattened format, such as .jpg files. This includes their use by small businesses (such as florists, gift shops, clothing and antique shops) as long as the product is used in a printed product, such as gift or price tags.


2. My templates are creative-team friendly and may be used to advertise designer kits, as long as credit is given to Sondra Teer.


Templates may be used to create quick pages, as long as credit is given to Sondra Teer. Quick pages should be offered in a flattened format, without individual layers, such as .png files.
3. All digital products may be used on personal websites or blogs, as long as credit is given to Sondra Teer.


4. When submitting your pages for publication using these digital products, please kindly give credit to Sondra Teer.


5. Please do not claim these digital products as your own. Please do not alter these digital products and claim them as your own.


6. Please do not share these digital products with others.


7. Please do not use these digital products to create obscene or immoral works.


Thank you so much for your kind cooperation!

Thank you so much for reviewing and following the Terms of Use.


Copyright remains with the designer and does not transfer with purchase.


The designer will not be held liable for any losses or damages resulting from the use of any of these digital products.

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